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DIY Candy Colorful Ice Shop Kit

DIY Candy Colorful Ice Shop Kit

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About this product

  • contents : 28.5g
  • Handmade sweets that can make colorful ice cream sweets.
    With powder and water, you can easily make ice cream that looks just like the real thing.
    There are three flavors of ice cream: vanilla, grape, and soda!
    Corn cups are easy to make, just put the dough in a mold and heat it in the microwave.
    You can enjoy your original ice cream by combining your favorite ice cream and adding cream and toppings.

    Contains calcium. No synthetic coloring or preservatives.
    You can enjoy it with confidence.
  • Ingredients :  sugar, dextrin, vegetable oil, lactose, starch, corn syrup, reduced starch syrup, gelatin, fermented milk, concentrated yogurt, milk protein, glucose/processed starch, acidulant, calcium carbonate, flavoring, gelling agent (sodium alginate), sorbitol , coloring (caramel, vegetable pigment, squid ink pigment, gardenia, monascus, safflower yellow), polysaccharide thickener, calcium lactate, calcium sulfate, emulsifier, glycerin, sodium pyrophosphate (milk ingredients, below, gelatin in part include)
  • Product size(height × depth × width) :  110mm x 205mm x 170mm

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